“He Who Rules Facebook Advertising – Will Rule In Business”


Would you like to generate leads and sales on Facebook but you are too busy, too frustrated or too tired of trying to figure it out yourself?

Our team will swoop in and take it all off of your hands and create a lucrative Facebook campaign – just for you!!

Our team specialises in coming up with effective and impactful campaigns that will have clients coming to your door – literally and online!

 “Can We Really Help You?”


The short answer is ……YES!

We don’t do BS – if we can help you we will and if we can’t we will be able to point you in the right direction!

A Slightly More Serious Version Of Who I Am (The Bio)

Candice is a digital marketer and Facebook ad expert, followed by author, serial entrepreneur & not a vegetarian (although she does try).

After leaving school Candice trained to be a Pilot & thought her future was destined to be in the sky.

However the call from the entrepreneurial wilderness was too strong and Candice returned to start successful businesses in real estate, house renovation, bridal industry, event planning and eCommerce

After using social media as the main tool to grow her businesses she realised that no one was sharing these skills with other business owners and went on to study Facebook advertising with some of the best trainers in the world – even one of Facebook’s own!!

Candice has been in social media marketing  & has been teaching business owners to create sales funnels, generate leads and close more sales in their business for the last 7 years very successfully. In 2016 Candice put her skills to the test and opened up her own cosmetic clinic and turned it into a multi 6 figure business within 6 months using FB only – so she walks her big talk!!

The team @ The Social Grace have proudly taken 4 start up businesses to 7 figures in just 10 months and have helped other business owners add multi 6 figures in revenue!

While Candice still takes to the sky every now and then for fun, she now spends her days teaching business owners how to increase their sales with quality leads from social media marketing.